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History of Beading:
Part ONE:
early beading was merely taking bits of rock or shells and stringing those on plant vines, used for either decoration or as adornment... often carried to ward off evil or to bring about good fortune... take a look back in your history books and as far back as you can find visual depictions of civilization you will see beads on not only the women, but also on the men and children... beads have even been used as a form of currency for barter - trade... beading is often used as a form of relaxation and therapy... many specialize in a specific item they like to bead such as, beaded ornaments, beading bridal keepsake books, beaded curtains, beaded bookmarks, etc... Native American beadwork is among the earliest to be so intricate in the use of miniature seed beads... even before the Native American though - was the caveman, cavewoman...

beads can be made from an endless number of substances... my personal favorite are vintage beads and glass beads... do you have a favorite ?? do you have a bead collection, or know someone that does ??

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